Bullet-Resistant Products

With the unfortunate increase in fiream use, gun crime and terrorism, bullet-proof security doors are needed more than ever to provide protection against gun attack. They provide the added touch of protection for your home that enables you to sleep better at night.

You should use Rhino Bullet-Resistant Doors whenever and wherever home security is a priority - here's why:

Rhino Doors are well known for their extremely high quality build, robustness, long service life, excellent reliability and low maintenance costs.

Rhino manufactures ballistic resistive doors that meet or exceeds the European Standards BS EN 1522, 1523, and 1063, which mandate the specfications for resistance against bullet attack in both residential and commercial doors and windows.

Rhino security doors for the home look like ordinary house doors from the outside (see examples below). These anti-ballistic doors provide the very highest ballistic protection with a variety of door sizes and glazing styles. Inside, they have bullet-proof panels constructed of composite materials that are manufactured and tested to the highest standards; these anti-ballistic panels can withstand penetration from a variety of hand-guns, shotguns, rifles and other firearms. These same security features will also protect against attempted home invasions with axes, pickaxes, hammers and similar weapons. Normal doors in wood, UPVC or composite materials will all fail under violent attack - but not Rhino doors. If, for whatever reason, you require high security, personal safety and a home that needs to be literally your fortress, Rhino bullet-resistant doors could save your life!

Below are some examples of our range of bullet-resistant doors for the home. We have many more styles and colours available than are shown here. Please ask for a brochure.


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Bullet-Resistant Door

Composite 9 Solid Ballistic Door