Flood-Resistant Special Half-Panel Door

Keep your home safe with one of our flood-resistant doors

Changing weather patterns mean that devastating flash flooding is now becoming a major problem in Britain; it's forecast to become a regular event in many urban areas. It doesn't matter if your home is a new-build house or an old building - all types of houses are at risk. The Environment Agency (EA) estimates that two million homes and businesses and five million people are in danger from flooding in England and Wales; they recommend that householders should take all possible steps to flood-proof their property and install flood defences, especially flood-resistant doors. It's very likely that insurance companies may in future insist that houses in flood-prone areas have some form of approved flood protection installed.

But flooding can not only put up your insurance rates; it can destroy furniture and treasured possessions, wreck your house (according to research, water of more than a metre in depth can result in structural damage to the average construction) and cause months of stress and incomvenience while you relocate. It could even destroy your business. So protect your home and possessions from the ravages of flooding and flood damage by installing StormMeister™ Flood-Resistant Doors, which are now fitted on thousands of properties.

Why you should have StormMeister™ flood-resistant doors (patent pending) for home flood protection and peace of mind.

How do StormMeister™ anti-flood doors (patent pending) protect your home against flooding? Doors are the first thing you should think about when protecting your house against flooding - it's where flood water is most likely to pour in. And having a permanent flood-protection door fitted is far better than waking up to floodwater lapping at your doorstep and then rushing for sandbags, flood boards and other temporary protection.

A problem with conventional uPVC door assemblies is that floodwater rising against the outside of the door can easily leak in via the spaces between the door and the frame. Furthermore, these ordinary uPVC doors have a drainage path deliberately constructed into the door assembly which is intended to take away any rainwater that works its way into the door via the glazing beads.

To guard against this, a StormMeister™ flood-resistant door has silicone sealant in all the cavities. There's no drainage paths for floodwater to work its way in; the door and frame are both constructed as sealed units.

Additionally, when a StormMeister™ anti-flood door (patent pending) is closed, a flood-resistant seal automatically forms between the overlapping portions of the door and outer frame. The lower part of the door is thus sealed and protected against floodwater. Unlike ordinary doors, all flood-resistant doors are required to be water-resistant to a flood depth of up to 1200mm. StormMeister™ doors give your home protection against flooding 24 hours a day.

You don't have to worry about StormMeister™ anti-flood doors spoiling the look of your home either. They look like normal external uPVC doors and come in a large variety of styles that will enhance the appearence of any property. Installing a StormMeister™ front door will make your neighbours as well as your insurance company happy!

You can read about all of StormMiester's flood protection products at stormmeister.com